LöwenBau – Be part of this extraordinary development!

The new LöwenBau

With selected and special uses in the future, the LöwenBau is intended for tenants who are looking for an extraordinary place and at the same time personal exchange. The active interweaving of uses and lifestyle inspires a community of like-minded people – in the residential, office, gastro and retail spaces.

The project in detail:

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The LöwenBau community is growing!

On 29.11.22 we invited local stakeholders and interested parties to the LöwenBau to Experience the Old and Envision the New together. We are pleased with the multifaceted conversations that have arisen through the coming together of the different local actors on the evening, in addition to future potentials that will develop from this.

After an introduction and get to know of all project participants of RheinMarken GmbH, Prof. Ute M. A. Schneider from TU Vienna and partner at KCAP presented the development plans of LöwenBau in detail. This was followed by a lively exchange, as well as food and drinks with musical accompaniment from the Robert Mark Trio.


Birgit Werner

Birgit Rahn-Werner


the passionate developer of real estate and innovative business opportunities

The RWTH Aachen architect, who has been ranked among the 100 most important real estate players in Switzerland every year since 2017, earned her MBA at the University of St. Gallen and is very well connected internationally. She developed sophisticated mixed-use developments and organizations at various airports and has launched a differentiated portfolio of investments, developments and board/advisory mandates under her family office INDEVISE GROUP AG. A native of the Rhineland, now living in Switzerland, she strongly believes in the Hochrhein region she is familiar with and is building a sustainable real estate portfolio here.

Lutz Peters

Lutz Peters


the ardent manager along the real estate value chain

Through studies in architecture, engineering and real estate economics, his focus is on the structured development, optimization and realization of complex real estate projects. He understands how to develop and implement efficient processes all the way through to operations and has proven this in multiple projects and organizations. His focus is also on digitalization and sustainability. His holistic expertise and his constant drive for development are valuable for building the RheinMarken real estate portfolio. In addition, he is a long-time confidant of the two shareholders, making the three of them a well-rehearsed and successful business team.

Peter R. Rahn

Peter R. Rahn


the experienced financier with local and international roots

Peter Rahn, who has been a partner of Rahn+Bodmer Co. since 1990, the oldest private bank in Switzerland with its founding year in 1750, earned his MBA in Boston, specializing in entrepreneurship. His philosophy of being “an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs” guides his interactions with clients, many of whom have been associated with the bank for generations. To this day, he also demonstrates his skills and stamina in sports as a rower and represented Switzerland in the coxed four at the Olympic Games in Moscow.

Ute M. A. Schneider


the internationally respected town planner and architect from Waldshut

Partner KCAP, www.kcap.com, Professor at the Vienna University of Technology and a valued member of numerous international selection committees, juries and advisory boards.

Write to us: info@rheinmarken.com